About Us

    Who Is North Gateway Networking group?

    North Gateway Networking was formed to provide its members access to a network of colleagues dedicated to building business, which in turn enables them to better serve their own clients.

    Our membership includes executives and business owners from a cross-section of fields, including finance, technology, construction, real estate, legal, and a multitude of professional services. Members share a common goal of aiding their clients as trusted advisors, through leveraging their relationships with other North Gateway Networking Group members. This provides clients with a comfort level that comes from knowing that they are only being referred to qualified service providers who have a vested interest in their success.

    The commitment to excellence on the part of its members has propelled North Gateway Networking to the top of the class. North Gateway Networking has created a great formula that has proven to be successful. This group is comprised of organized and committed professionals. Business networking requires a strong commitment to excellence on the part of the members to pass referrals consistently each and every week. We require regular attendance at the weekly business networking meetings. Are looking to make connections, get qualified business leads and referrals for your business? Are you serious about growing your business? Consider joining North Gateway Networking.